Mobile TV iPhone app

Rubberduck Media Lab is a company specialized in streaming mobile TV, and one of the company's top products is the iPhone Mobile TV app for live TV. This app is reskinned and delivered through several operators as the operators own product.

On this app I did the interaction design and the skinning logic. As the app has to be marketed with several brands the possibility to custom skin the app is an essential requirement.

Telenor Denmark Mobile TV iPhone app

One of the latest releases of the Rubberduck iPhone app is the Telenor Denmark app. The app has been reskinned according to the Telenor brand style and published on the app store with Danish TV channels (See a screenshot of the appstore).

I did all the designs on this app, including the Telenor branded skin using their brand guide.

T-Mobile Mobile TV iPhone app

The biggest operator using Rubberduck's Mobile TV app for iPhone is T-Mobile. This operator was also the first to release the app, and had a great part in designing and developing it.

The app has been released through T-Mobile in Germany and Austria, and emmediately after the launch (summer 2009) reached number 1 downloaded on iTunes app store's free apps lists in their respective countries. The app was first released in Germany under the name 'Liga Total Mobile TV' branded to T-Mobile's big Bundesliga promotion.

The T-Mobile versions of the Mobile TV app is simply a version of the standard app skinned to T-Mobile's custom skin. Designers from T-Mobile designed this skin using the skinning logic made by me. This whole app was from the very start a large cooperative work between Rubberduck and T-Mobile. It was my job to make sure Rubberduck's interests within design was maintained.

Mobile TV Java app for touch screen phones

Rubberduck Media Lab has released a mobile TV Java app enhanced for use on touch screen phones.

The predecessor of this app was made for non-touch phones, but when touch screen devices supporting Java became more numerous the app was updated to feature a touch screen interface.

I designed the interface for the original non-touch app, and I designed the touch enhancement. I also designed the skinning logic and most of the skins used on the app so far.

iPhone gambling demo app

This version of the Mobile TV app was an experiment in possible alternative uses of the app beyond regular mobile TV.

The concept is that a betting company can release this app containing selected sports channels, and link the embedded browser to their own betting websites to facilitate easier betting.

I made this skin with a heavy focus on sports, gambling and a sparkly 'Las Vegas'-look in order to emphasize the core concept of the app.