Illustrations for website

The Norwegian online marketplace launches a new service on their website summer 2010 and asked me to do some illustrations to liven the service up a bit.

This is a service where regular people can post a job they want done to their house or appartment, and receive responses from skilled tradesmen. It was important for Finn to communicate professionalism and siplicity to the users, as there are many competing services on the market already. My illustrations had to support this communication while at the same time follow the overall brand style guide of

I did a series of 13 illustrations that will be used on the website and in promotion of the service.

ZerHouse for Huus og Heim Arkitektur

Autumn 2009 Huus og Heim Arkitektur was going to exhibit a new project at a housing fair in Norway and needed some fun illustrations for their concept. Together with Geriljaworks we made a medium sized 3 wall stand and a folder brochure.

The project is called ZerHouse (from Zero House) and is a housing concept based on environmentally friendly modular parts the house builder can pick and choose for his new house.

The illustrations I made explains the process the house building family will go through to get their house. From the early dream and through an online selection process before the housing modules are finally shipped and put together on the building site.

Medieval Kingdoms concept design

Back in 2005 Running Games, a newly started gaming company in Oslo, were doing preliminary work for a new game called Medieval Kingdoms. I joined brifly to get some experience, and did some simple concept sketches and 3D modelling on a handful of small objects.

The work I did was used in a promotional video that was shown to a number of investors in order to get funding to make the actual game. The game never got published, and as far as I know the only work done to the game was that video. But it was definately fun working on a game with real professionals, and I learned a lot about life in the medieval times.