bMobilized for bMenu

The summer of 2010 I redesigned a web page and service for bMenu called bMobilized. The service has since been redesigned again, so my work is no longer live.

The site features a service to convert regular web pages to mobile web pages, with customized menus etc. The goal was to make the service more user friendly and sweeter to look at.

I did this work as a freelancer in about 3 weeks. I made a wireframe overview of the entire site and suggested changes to the navigation. I also made all the graphics and suggested changes to the service tool itself.

You can see a screenshot of my design of the front page here, and one of a tool screen here.

NetCom Christmas Calendar 2007

While working in Aspiro we did a Christmas calendar for NetCom. This was a Flash calendar placed on NetCom's webpage and showed a new animation and competition every day. We also made a simple WAP page for mobile phones.

The project was done in close cooperation with NetCom managers, but designed and developed by our small team in Aspiro. I did all the design work including character design and Flash animation.

The animation featured a room decorated for Christmas, where a new kid comes jumping and dancing every day to present the competition. On Christmas eve Santa Claus comes filling the entire room with gifts.

NetCom Mobile TV portal for iPhone

The Norwegian operator NetCom has a Mobile TV service handled by Rubberduck Media Lab. For iPhone users this service is presented slightly different than for users with other types of phones.

The iPhone portal offers Video-On-Demand (VOD) clips only with no live TV available, and is specially adapted for use with touch screen devices.

I designed the buttons and links larger than normal so that large fingers will find it easier to navigate the site. There are also a large number of icons and logos that livens the portal up and invites further use.

Entel Chile Mobile TV

The Chilean operator Entel PCS has a fairy standard mobile TV service handled by Rubberduck Media Lab. The service offers both live TV and VOD through the mobile web portal.

Users can subscribe to the live TV package and watch local and international channels, or watch a multitude of video clips by Pay-Per-View.

There is also an experimental service on this portal called Fast Channel Switching. This is only available on a few selected phone models due to technical restrictions in the prototype. The user can there watch live TV without opening the phone's media player, and then switch through the channels almost like one can on a regular TV.

Telenor Mobile TV Portal

The Norwegian operator Telenor has a straight forward mobile TV service offering both live TV and VOD. The user watches TV through their phone's embedded media player.

This portal was originally made before my time in Rubberduck Media Lab, but I have updated all the UI graphics and have made a multitude of banner ads featured on the site.